Become a successful Youtuber!

The dream of many people today is to become a famous "youtuber", to use the Youtube platform to make money. However, for this, it is necessary to have a good knowledge, not only about the content that is produced, but also to learn from the mistakes of others in order not to commit them.

Posted in 2020-03-06
O sonho de muita gente hoje em dia é se tornar um "youtuber" famoso, usar a plataforma Youtube de forma profissional. No entanto, para isso é necessário ter um bom conhecimento não só sobre o conteúdo que se produz, mas também aprender com os erros dos outros, afim de não cometê-los.

Analyzing data

One of the main questions that an aspiring "youtuber" asks is, "how much does a youtuber earn", the purpose of Socialtrack is help you who are starting your channel, or even you who have been on the platform the longest, to have a overview of channel earnings, Socialtrack displays in a simple and organized way, daily and monthly statistics on earnings, views and subscribers of channels.

We have become a reference among the main content creators, who use our platform to analyze metrics for their channels, friends´s channels  or competitors. According to content creators, the real value earned by a "youtuber" is very close to the minimum value displayed in the graphics and statistics of Socialtrack.

How we calculate

The Socialtrack calculates earnings estimates for YouTube channels based on RPM (Revenue per Thousand), which is a measure used in the advertising industry. The RPM then refers to the amount earned by a given channel for every thousand video views.