Decrease in views and gains on Youtube!

Analyzing our graphs and statistics, we noticed an overall decrease in video views and consequently this affects earnings. See what month this occurs and be prepared for this date.

Posted in 2021-03-03
Analisando nossos gráficos e estatísticas, notamos uma queda geral nas visualizações dos vídeos e consequentemente isso afeta os ganhos. Veja em qual mês isso ocorre e fique preparado para esta data.

More and more people start to live entirely from the income generated by channels on the YouTube platform. So it’s very important to be aware of your channel’s statistics, such as number of monthly views, number of subscribers and other metrics.

Like any job, it is of fundamental importance that you are aware of earnings, and ways to maximize your earnings.

Youtube is a platform that pays according to the quantity and quality of advertisers on the platform, which means that your earnings change slightly depending on the ads served on the platform.

Another important issue that you should be aware of is the number of views, as if they fall sharply, this can significantly affect your earnings. But taking into account that you keep posting videos and always offering a good quality your views will always go up correct? Wrong, there are factors that can make your views fall in half and that are out of your reach, let's give some examples.


1 - Channels that post videos giving tips on school content, tend to have a big drop in the holiday seasons.

2 - Channels that post travel videos tend to drop at the beginning of the year, as people have just returned from vacation and consequently will not be traveling anytime soon.

Missing audience

1 - Any type of content suffers a drop in views if your followers are not online. Many people stop accessing YouTube on vacation or long holidays because they are traveling, visiting friends and relatives or doing outdoor activities.

2 - Another factor that causes some types of content to lose views is the beginning and end of the school year, where students are more busy and adapting to changes, consequently they don't have time to be on YouTube.

To make your life easier, we will post the result of our research, analyzing the data of the more than 1 million channels registered on the platform, we could list the worst months of the year where you can prepare for possible falls in earnings are they:

November, December and January

We noticed that in the three months above, there may be a decrease in views of up to 70%, this value varies from channel to channel but can range from 30% to 70% drop in your views.


Low views graph

 Example of a great YouTube channel


We remind you that this is not a rule and that you can prepare for this, creating more videos in these periods or even creating publicity campaigns for your channel.

We wish you all a great number of views, hugs :)