How much does Youtuber Juliette ex bbb 21 earn on Youtube!

See how much Youtuber Juliette ex bbb 21 earns with her Youtube channel! In addition to exploring the video platform, the digital influencer has also done several promotional work and keeps her Instagram account very active.

Posted in 2022-02-17
Veja quanto a Youtuber Juliette ex bbb 21 ganha com seu canal no Youtube! Além de explorar a plataforma de vídeos a ex bbb também tem feito diversos trabalhos promocionais e mantém sua conta no Instagram muito ativa.

Lawyer and makeup artist Juliette Freire, in addition to being the winner of the famous reality show Big Brother Brasil 2021, also has her Youtube channel, where she posts her songs, because in addition to everything she records songs.

The channel was created in January 2021, see channel data. At the time of this post writing, Juliette's estimated earnings on YouTube are $300 to $5,000 a month, not bad for a reality show winner. In addition, she performs several advertising works that make her patrimony grow even more.


Channel Data:

Subscribers: 439,000
Videos uploaded to Youtube: 25
Total Views: 29,077,048


How much can she charge for videos or instagram posts?

There is no fixed table of amounts charged by digital influencers, but it is possible to estimate the amounts.

An influencer with up to 100,000 followers usually charges around $ 5,000 for a story, post on instagram. This value can also be estimated for posting a promotional video on the Youtube channel.

From 400 to 500 thousand followers this value can reach $ 10,000, and with 1 million followers it can reach up to $ 30,000 .