How to Make the YouTube Channel Grow Fast

In this article we have prepared valuable tips that will be very useful in the growth process of your channel, following these tips you can see relevant results in the growth of your channel.

Posted in 2020-04-04
Neste artigo preparamos dicas valiosas que irão ser muito úteis no processo de crescimento do seu canal, seguindo estas dicas você poderá ver resultados relevantes no crescimento do seu canal.

We at Socialtrack know how much time you spend preparing scripts, creating thumbnails and taking care that your videos make the best possible impression for your viewers. That's why we have prepared valuable tips to grow your audience on YouTube.

1. Content

Focus your efforts on creating good content, audio and video quality as well as an interesting script that makes your videos more retained and consequently more engaged and viewed, liked and subscribed to your channel. Be authentic and create captivating content, if it is going to appear in the video be cheerful and show willingness and enthusiasm with the subject or theme you are addressing.

This tip applies to any type of content be it humorous, tutorial, tips etc.


2. Channel presentation banner

The channel presentation banner, is the image that appears at the top of your channel.

Try to create an attractive and well-made image, which expresses well the idea of ​​your channel and the content it offers, in addition to this image you can also insert some information such as posting time.

Upon entering your channel the visitor will come across this image so try to do it well because it is the welcome banner for visitors to your page.


3. Thumbnail

Many people, incredible as it may seem, make videos but do not give due value to the Thumbnails or thumbnails of the video. It is extremely important that you create good, creative, eye-catching Thumbnails that awaken in the user the desire to watch your content, when uploading a video to Youtube he automatically searches for a Thumbnail but you can upload a personalized one created by you. Try it out to see which Thumbnails were most successful and repeat this technique for the next ones you will be creating.


4. Focus on demand

If you are reading this article you must be facing difficulties in attracting views on your videos, when creating a new video focusing on the demand for the content, it doesn't just come out by creating videos.

Search on YouTube and outside of it the videos / themes that are on the rise and that are related to your content.

For example, if your Channel talks about game play of games try to approach a game that was recently launched instead of making a video about a game that is not launching because it will have a lot of competition from more robust channels. Not that it is prohibited to create content that is not in demand, but always try to create one or two videos that will be in demand per month.

Another example if your channel and makeup try to post a video about a new technique or something new.