How to prevent coronavirus?

By changing your habits and adopting simple behaviors, it is possible to reduce the chances of infection by Corona Virus (COVID-19). We have prepared some valuable tips to help you protect yourself.

Posted in 2020-03-16
Mudando seus hábitos e adotando medidas simples, é possível reduzir as chances de contrair o Corona Vírus ( COVID-19 ). Preparamos algumas dicas valiosas para te ajudar a se proteger.

1. How can I protect myself against Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is transmitted through contact with saliva or phlegm from infected people, this saliva or phlegm can also be in the air and be inhaled, thus causing contagion.

When in contact with contaminated saliva or phlegm, people end up being contaminated by scratching their eyes, mouth or nose.

So avoid putting your hand to your face as much as possible before good hygiene. It is recommended to wash your hands more often, especially after using public transport, having contact with pets, going to public places etc ... Wash your hands thoroughly with soap water or disinfect using gel alcohol.

If possible, avoid contact with people who have symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever and runny nose, colds and flu.


2. Am I protected against the coronavirus using a mask?

The use of a protective face mask is recommended in places where the outbreak of the disease is intense, by using the mask you reduce the chances of getting a coronavirus infection, but you should not fail to follow the precautions such as keeping away from sick people, washing your hands, avoid unnecessary crowding whenever possible.

There is no reason to panic, but each one doing their part will spread the disease less.

3. Can I buy products imported from China?

Yes, because the virus does not survive for a long time outside the body. In other words, as the transit time of the goods is long, it would not resist the trip.