New Socialtrack feature allows you to view the channel description quickly and easily.

Thinking about streamlining access to information for a given channel, we at Socialtrack now offer a feature that allows you to view the description in an easy way.

Posted in 2020-08-20
Pensando em agilizar o acesso a informações de um determinado canal, nós do Socialtrack agora disponibilizamos um recurso que permite visualizar a descrição de uma forma fácil.

When Socialtrack was created, one of the things that served as a reason was to facilitate access to information for YouTube lovers and content creators.

A tool capable of easily gathering all the information that is useful to the visitor and content creator. When visiting a page of a given channel within Socialtrack, we try to offer as much information as possible, so we created another resource that at the same time does not take up space on the page but adds value to the data. From now on, we will display the channel description next to its name, the creators write this text with all the care and dedication, trying to pass on to the visitor what the channel is about.

There is nothing more fair than displaying this information. To do this, just hover over the information icon next to the channel name.


We hope to make our platform more and more useful for everyone, thank you. Att: Isaac Flora