New Socialtrack feature lets you see subscriber performance and views on the YouTube channel

We at Socialtrack are always thinking about how to improve the user experience by bringing new features and tools that bring practicality to content creators.

Posted in 2020-08-03
Nós do Socialtrack estamos sempre pensando em como melhorar a experiencia do usuário trazendo novas funcionalidades e ferramentas que tragam praticidade para os criadores de conteúdo.

With the intention of bringing more useful information to visitors and content creators, we have made available on the channel pages a feature that displays in percentage the increase or decrease in the number of views and subscribers, this resource is based on the value obtained in the last 30 days and the compared to a previous period, this allows you to see in a practical and quick way if the channel has seen an increase or decrease in its views and subscriptions.

Based on this quick information, the creator can take action and take action, in addition to having greater control over the flow of his channel.