Socialtrack tool allows you to estimate earnings on Youtube!

Have you ever wondered how much a Youtuber earns? Or how much could you earn with a certain amount of views? Now with our calculator it is easy to have this information!

Posted in 2020-08-13
Você já se perguntou quanto ganha um Youtuber? Ou quanto você poderia ganhar com uma determinada quantidade de visualizações? Agora com nossa calculadora ficou fácil ter essa informação!

Whether you are just a curious person or a professional in the area of ​​content creation on YouTube, you may have encountered doubts:

  • How much does a youtuber x earn?
  • How much could I earn from a certain amount of views on my channel
  • How much money does a video with x views generate?

Thinking to solve these doubts and bring greater agility in your day to day, we at Socialtrack created the YouTube Earnings Calculator tool.

This tool allows you to easily calculate the amount of monetization estimated on your channel, video or even on third party channels or videos.

How to use the YouTube Earnings Calculator

First you must access our calculator by clicking on the "Youtube Money Calculator" menu.


After accessing the page:

 1. Drag the channel's daily views slider to the desired value

 2. Set the minimum and maximum CPM regulator (Cost per thousand impressions)


After defining the daily views of your channel and adjusting the CPM, the calculator will display the estimated daily, monthly and annual earnings of the video / channel.

In addition, the calculator also displays the number of monthly and annual views based on the selected values.

Now that you know how to use our calculator just enjoy it :).