The highest-paid Youtuber in the world is an 8-year-old boy who earns US$ 26 million a year

howing a new toy you won, running around the garden and showing your daily activities, this is the content of Ryan's World channel. The boy is the youtuber who makes the most money on the platform for two consecutive years.

Posted in 2020-04-21
Mostrar um brinquedo novo que ganhou, correr pelo jardim e exibir suas atividades diárias, este é o conteúdo do canal  Ryan's World. O menino é o youtuber que mais fatura na plataforma durante dois anos consecutivos.

He started his activities in 2015 on the platform. One of his first videos was the opening of toys hidden in easter eggs (currently with more than 30 million views).

At first his channel was called Ryan ToysReview but it was changed after some time.

The most popular video from Ryan's World reached 2 billion views is a clip of just 56 seconds that shows the boy running on a toy through the garden in search of easter eggs.

According to the ranking, the ten highest paid youtubers of 2019 won US $ 162 million (R $ 658 million).

Vlad and Nikita are two brothers aged 6 and 4, living in Florida after emigrating from Russia, the channel has more than 38 million subscribers.

Like Nastya, The girl Nastya and her father create videos of stories and games inspired by children's songs and fairy tales. the channel has more than 53 million subscribers.