Top 10 YouTube Channels

Every day new incredible channels are created on Youtube, but there are some that stand out, always thinking about bringing important information to our community, Socialtrack prepared a list with the 10 biggest channels on Youtube.

Posted in 2020-03-12
A cada dias novos canais incríveis são criados no Youtube, mas existem alguns que se destacam, pensando sempre em trazer informações importantes para nossa comunidade, o Socialtrack preparou uma lista com os 10 maiores canais do Youtube.

It is very common to want to know which channels are in evidence, or most prominent on Youtube, after all it is the largest video platform in the world. By analyzing the trajectory and success cases, it is possible to learn and take advantage of the techniques used by the best youtubers.

You can pay attention to titles, tags, lighting, how videos are recorded and more, you study is very important to your own channel grow.

1 T-Series: 130 million subscribers

2 PewDiePie: 103 v

3 Cocomelon - Nursei Rhymes: 74.6 million subscribers

4 SET India: 66.4 million subscribers

5 5-Minute Crafts 64.9 million subscribers

6 Canal KonZilla: 56 million subscribers

7 WWE: 55.3 million subscribers

8 Justin Bieber: 52 million subscribers

9 Zee Music Company 51.1 million subscribers

10 Dude Perfect 49.5 million subscribers